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Цитат:Feasibility study of artificial rainfall system using ion seeding with high voltage source

A non-linear computational modelling of ions from the ground station for electrifying the atmosphere to make feasibility study of artificial rainfall system is proposed and analyzed.


Dutchsinse -- Artificial Atmospheric Ionization - Rain via Electricity

Статия (ARTIFICIAL ATMOSPHERIC IONIZATION: A Potential Window for Weather Modification)

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Цитат:Scientists Create 52 Artificial Rain Storms in Abu Dhabi Desert

...put steel lampshade-looking ionizers in the desert to produce charged particles. The negatively charged ions rose with the hot air, attracting dust. Moisture then condensed around the dust and eventually produced a rain cloud. A bunch of rain clouds.

Цитат:China creates 55 billion tons of artificial rain a year—and it plans to quintuple that

Цитат:Руски патент WIPO Patent Application WO/2005/006844 
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Clear Sky Manager TM
Based on the ILAP Technology (Influence on the Local Atmospheric Processes), Clear Sky Manager TM, has been developed for managing, at local atmospheric level, humidity density in the sky in order to pursue a wide range of possible objectives: create precipitation, avoid (or create) snow, disperse fog and smog or, generally speaking, conduct any type of atmospheric action that may improve working/living conditions at ground level.

Based on top of the art technology, Clear Sky Manager TM  relies on high-speed ionic generators for initiating and managing upwards/downwards air streams within a given area, up to 100 km diameter.

The system requires the installation on the ground of 5 to 8 ionic generators that are locally distributed in accordance to local ground and meteorological conditions. 

Three main operational modes can be programmed and implemented on the basis of the equipment:

1.  “Rainfall” / “Snowfall”

The “Rainfall” mode is meant for initiating or intensifying atmospheric precipitation within a given area, up to 100 km wide. It may be used for agricultural development (possibly in connection with an irrigation infrastructure) or for the prevention and fighting of forest fires. This mode is typically of use in sunny and dry regions.

The system creates a stable upward air stream that carries with it a great amount of atmospheric moisture. On the way to the upper atmosphere, the air is cooling. The atmospheric moisture is condensed, creating clouds or intensifying already existing ones so that precipitation occurs. 

The upward air stream height and intensity are adjusted according to the desired results by setting up (by local or remote control) the parameters of the ion generator’s working mode.
Full size exercises have been conducted  with success.

Preparation for Rain
The “Snowfall” mode is identical in its essence but is meant for mountain resorts where snow is needed in great quantity for the quality of skying areas or for the safe conduct of winter-sport events.   

2. “No Fog” – “No Smog”

The upward air streams created by Clear Sky Manager TM cause the compensating downward air streams that can be used for enforcing dissipation of clouds and fogs.  

The area under control can expand to 100 km² (10 x 10 km). The specific area to protect may be an airport or a seaport, where traffic congestion can be created in case of heavy fog. Clear Sky Manager TM  guarantees a clear visibility up to a 1,000 m distance, meeting the criteria of fog destruction. 
In regions where industry, traffic or land fires create haze or smog, the same technology is able to clear large portions of cities and countryside, suppressing or diminishing the risks and dangers for the health (and for the traffic) associated with a polluted atmosphere.

Fighting Fog and Smog
3. “Stop Snow” – “Stop Hail” – “ Stop Rain”

The creation of upward warm air streams can be used for building heat walls at the limit of a territory and preventing the incoming snow, hail and rain clouds to enter the protected region. 
One field of application are airports, where snowfalls delay traffic and create sizeable additional expenses for the cleaning and the maintenance of the runways. On a broader scale, it is possible to prevent large agricultural areas from being destroyed by hail.
A combination of programmed actions can create clear and sunny skies for important outdoor events in periods of bad or unpredictable weather. This may be valuable for social and sporting events, open air festivals, air shows, etc

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