Електростатичен филтър (прахоуловител, скрубер)

Електростатични филтри от chemelec: http://chemelec.com/Projects/Electrostat...static.htm

Цитат:The Basic principal of operation is to first charge the air flow either positive or negative, using a High Voltage Source of typically 4,000 to 6,000 Volts. Than past this air flow between sets of oppositely charged plates.
(Voltages greater than about 6,000 volts can create some Ozone, which can be harmful to a persons health and voltages less than 4,000 volts doesn't effectively charge the particles in the air.)

These positive and negative plates are alternately stacked as Positives and Negatives, about 0.2 inchs apart one on top of the other, so there is significent area for the volume of air to flow freely and at a relativel slow speed through the spaces between. As the air passes between these plates, all particles of matter will be Rejected from the Like charged plates and Attracted to the "Opposite charged plates". 
This is simular in principal to rubbing a balloon on your hair which will than allow it to stick to a wall.

One Essential feature is to have the plates deep enough to allow for the rejection and attraction of the small particles. The other essential is to have a Relatively Slow Air Flow across each plate. 
Both these design features give the particles more chance to attach themselves to the opposite charged plate.

A well designed filter will have plate with a depth of 5 inches Minimum. With as many stacked plates at your desired width to allow for a "gentle flow" across each one.

Pre-Filter: It is also a good idea to have a very simple screen filter, to catch "Larger particles of "Lint" as these can clog up an electrostatic filter quickly, but the electrostatic plates and Pre-Filter Screen, never need replacing, just a good washing from time to time.

Тези филтри доста приличат на озонатори. Дискусия в мазето на адре http://mazeto.net/index.php/topic,1247.0.html

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